Our Story

kutti: small but mighty

lulu: a cozy cuddle

At Kutti Lulu ("little one"), we believe in the magic of childhood. We celebrate the infinite curiosity, creativity, and authentic spirit of every child. Born from playful moments and wild imaginations, we craft clothing that is a canvas for self-expression, inviting each wildling to slip into a creation that celebrates their own quirky tale.

Our Magical Mantras

Handmade with Love:
Each piece is an artisan-crafted tale from India.
Handblock printed and meticulously hand crafted to last
Sustainably Sassy:
We opt for natural, organic fabrics, recycle, repurpose,
and produce in small batches
Comfort meets Style:
Your lulus into cartwheels and cat naps?
We're ready for both
Beyond Stereotypes:
Kids should wear what they love,
clothes have no gender
Exclusively Kutti Lulu:
Our prints are inspired by our kutti ulus
and exclusive to us
Ethically Edgy:
We support fair trade practices, women led,
family owned, small businesses and artisans in India
Vibrant and Bold:
We walk our own path, crafting limited edition 
designs that don't follow seasons or trends
All The Family:
Grown ups, are you wild-at-heart, quirky
or into matchy-matchy? We've got your size!
Giving Back:
We appreciate key workers for all that they do
and offer a discount for every purchase.
We are passionate about supporting
children's charities and women's shelters in India